NX Series Key Features

Durable Design
Metal Construction, Heavy Aluminum Durability
  • Built strong to withstand the demands of industrial printing applications and environments
  • Die-Cast Aluminum print head mechanism provides consistent label and ribbon movement,virtually eliminating label shift or ribbon wrinkling
  • Bass plate openings allow for securing printer to raised and uneven platforms and for under counter media feeding
Support a Variety of Media Types
Wound In or Out; Ribbon and Label
  • New mechanism allows to use a wide variety of media prepared for other popular industrial barcode printer
  • Support for UHF and HF modules, ISO18000-6, ISO15693, ISO14443
  • Reduce waste and promote environmental initiatives with liner-less media support

Space Saving Design
Bi-fold Type Side Cover
  • Reduces overall area required for operation by 54%
  • Allow CL4NX to be placed closer to objects in above table applications and higher to operator level in under table applications
  • I/F cable hook secures port connection and eliminates cable clutter

Superior Print Accuracy and Quality
New Darkness Range for Higher Energy Settings
  • New setting allow users to
    • Print in most environment and surrounding temperature
    • Print at Higher Print Speeds with qualified medias
(Label Tension Damper System)
  • Innovative LTDS allow users for the use of 10” O.D. label (optional setting required for 10” O.D. label roll)
  • LTDS contributes to a controlled back-feed tension for demand label applications, providing a proper label track
Multiple On-board Interfaces Standards
LAN Standard, No Upcharge
  • New design allows for multiple communication port use on a single printer, and no need to purchase additional LAN interface board
  • Support IPv6
  • Simplifies the installation in legacy and new applications and the selection of a printer model
  • USB port (front and rear) for downloading additional fonts, latest firmware, emulations, and copying printer setting
Standard Emulations Onboard
  • Auto detect function allow users to Plug-and-Play operation when switching from SATO legacy models or other popular industrial barcode printers
  • Support SBPL, SZPL, STCL, SDPL and SIPL
Multi-National Language Support
31 Display & 47 Print Languages Support
  • All major world languages covered
  • Remote maintenance capabilities allow users to control and monitor printers anywhere in the world regardless of language setting
  • Additional support for character sets and font with Unicode
User Friendly Operation
Easy to Use
  • User friendly icon & multi national language support on full color display
  • Easy to access Power-on Button
  • Password protection to avoid unintended setting reset
Full Color Interactive LCD Display
  • Guidance videos offer valuable information on the operation of the CL4NX and provides instructional value to newer operators
  • When error occurs, not only comprehensive messages are shown in multi-national language, but video can show you how to recover from the error
  • Personalize the experience with custom startup/shutdown images and videos
Easy Set-up and Maintenance
Industries Best Design in High Lift PH Mechanism
  • Best in class print head opening of 60 degrees for easy access, faster maintenance and quick media loading
  • Tool-less print head and platen roller system makes replacements easy and quick
High Speed Processing and Throughput
Industry Leading Throughput
  • 100MB user accessible memory allows for storage of formats, large graphics, custom fonts and other downloads allowing for faster throughput
  • High speed data processing with 10 ips print speed