SATO, Beyond Expectations

Optimize asset management, increase supply visibility, and expand operational ability with SATO’s next generation printing solution.

The NX Series represents SATO’s next generation of thermal printers with advanced support for barcode symbologies, character sets and RFID encoding. A product of SATO’s global R&D network the NX Series incorporates value-added features in a world-class design to deliver a printing solution that goes beyond expectations.

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Application Enabled Printing (AEP)

SATO's Application-Enabled-Printing AEP Technology solves business problems in various industries with a flexible and cost-effective option of printing labels and tags.  This next generation of smart printing allows the NX Series to be used as a stand alone printing solution eliminating the need for costly computers. AEP resides inside the printer and can be customized  to optimize business processes and provide additional data input with common peripherals such as a USB keyboard or bar code scanner.  The printer can also print labels by querying a database with keyboard input or by scanning a barcode.
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